If You’re Worried About How Much You Drink, Then This Is
The Most Important And Rewarding Message
You’ll Ever Read

You’re About To Discover Tried, Tested And Proven Success Principles To Transform Your Relationship With Alcohol Beyond All Recognition. Please read the message below before you click the button.

Hi, I am glad you are here and that we have found each other. 

If you’re worrying about how much alcohol you drink, and you’d like to experience a life without feeling like you are caught in a cycle of addiction, so you can experience being a better parent, a better partner, a better colleague and above all, healthier, happier and enjoy life more than ever without alcohol interfering with it, you’re about to discover exactly how to make it happen for you. 
Not only that, I’ll also share with you exactly how to implement and get these proven ideas and my framework for success working in your life, starting today. 
Important: this is not a message for every person who is worried about their drinking, read on

Because if your idea of success is sticking to the same unhelpful routines or forcing yourself to stay sober but wishing you could drink, while your health, relationships and the rest of your life suffers, then this is not for you.

More to the point… if you believe your success or failure of is constrained by what other people are doing, your habits, or that your achievements will be determined by luck, being born a ‘normal drinker’, how you were educated, or any other societal myth, then this is definitely not for you. 
So who is the Stop Drinking Programme for?

If you’re the kind of person who’s determined, able to become motivated and you are willing to put in the work required, while being open to discovering tried, tested, and proven methods, many of which are totally different to other approaches you might have used in the past, then by the time you’ve reached the end and read every word, you’ll know exactly how to make it happen. 
The methods used in the programme have overwhelmingly shown to have transformed the lives of hundreds of people in countries all over the world. The people who enjoy success are open-minded, ready to learn and excited about the journey they are embarking on. 
They are not set in their ways.
So let’s clear something up straight away… 
This is not your typical programme that promises the earth and gives you little to no return.
On the contrary, this presents you with an unprecedented opportunity to get a programme from one of the most successful sobriety coaches in the world, as he guides you personally through the profoundly powerful and proven principles and the framework he relied upon to break free from a 20+ year heavy daily drinking problem. 
So if you’re the kind of person who isn’t willing to back yourself… yet you expect a miracle to happen without any effort or work…this is also not for you. 
What I share with you here will give you exactly what you need to cut alcohol out of your life without willpower and without feeling like you are missing out. You will improve your life beyond measure, and the people who are invited to join me and let these ideas work their magic experience such phenomenal results that we form a long lasting bond and connection…and that’s a privilege I know I have to earn. 
Here’s a truth you’ll never hear about success when it comes to stopping drinking: the biggest risk to your success is not your friends, your partner, cravings, stress, boredom, anxiety, the state of the economy, global pandemics or politicians. 
No, the biggest risk to your success is thinking like most people who are caught in the alcohol-trap think. 
To prove the point, here are a few eye-opening statistics about the brutal reality of running your own business in the coaching industry. 
According to a national survey in the United States on alcohol use: 
 – Nearly 15.1 million adults aged over 18 suffered from an alcohol use disorder, in one year alone, just in the United States. 
– Around 88,000 people die each year due to alcohol-related causes, just in the United States. 
– As many as 80% of People who receive treatment and experience a short-term abstinence from alcohol end up relapsing. 
– Only 27% of people who stopped drinking with Alcoholics Anonymous made it beyond one year without alcohol.
Now, if that doesn’t prove the vast majority of well-intentioned people are approaching this in entirely the wrong way, I don’t know what does. 
There’s a specific cause to these effects and outcomes, and most people fail to ever discover what it is.
Here’s 3 things you need to know straight away 

Firstly, the most successful people who become sober were not born with any more ability, talent, ideas, money, resources or luck than you.
Secondly, their success has come by deliberately thinking differently from how most people who are stuck in the alcohol-trap think.
And finally… you can make the same choice. 
You don’t have to take my word for it.
Because if you doubt any of this, you have only to look around you, read the testimonials from people who are already experiencing change by using these ideas and the framework for lasting change. 

Explore Facebook sobriety groups and you will find people who are not just surviving after stopping drinking, they are thriving. Yet they are exposed to all the same things that you are, the same ‘addictive personality', the same temptations, and the same social conditioning.

The difference for these people is not luck, fortune, or favour, it’s the quality of their thinking and their willingness to try a new approach.
Almost every drinker I know wants to change the way alcohol features in their lives and improve their circumstances, yet the vast majority are unwilling to improve themselves, consequently, they remain stuck with the results they work so desperately hard to change. 
Most are bright, charming, likeable and intelligent individuals like you, but because they’ve always done things in a certain way, their minds are closed off to different and far more effective approaches. 
Now if you believe you already think differently from the 99% of people who underachieving in their attempt to get sober, yet you’re getting the same kind of results as they are despite all the blood, sweat and tears you put into trying to break free, you may want to think again, because the chances are your reality may be painting a very different picture, a picture borne out by the fact you’re reading this message right now and you know things are not going to plan. 
The question you really need to answer is whether you’re willing to do anything about it, because I guarantee if you embrace the ideas I’m going to share with you, your life will change in ways you currently can’t imagine. 
And that’s why I’m extending to you my personal and exclusive invitation to unlock the secrets and start your Stop Drinking Programme today with 14 days free unlimited access

Remember, these proven success principles have transformed the lives and of thousands of people who believed they were stuck and could never change. This has happened for people all over the world — and the same framework worked for me, personally, too. 

I guarantee, if you’re willing to put in the work, this programme will do for you what it’s done for those who’ve had the wherewithal to embrace these powerful and proven principles. 
It is that simple.
The people who succeed, are the people who take action. If you want to make the change, get started now.
Use the button on this page now if you would like to discover a new way of thinking and you are ready to join the programme, numbers are limited and enrolment isn't always open, don’t miss your opportunity.

You can access your programme free for 14 days and unlock all features. If you continue after the free trial all you pay is £19 / $26 a month. You can cancel easily from within your dashboard at any time.


Education is a vital part of growth, the programme includes a powerful audio course that you can access anytime, from anywhere. Start listening right away to begin your journey to alcohol-freedom.


Join live and connect with our coach Ellen who will guide you along the path to freedom from alcohol. Every week there are a minimum of three live sessions for you to join. 


Connect with people just like you from around the world on our live Zoom calls, ask questions, make friends and discover the strategies for breaking free from alcohol.


Become part of an amazing community of people who are changing their lives by learning to live alcohol-free. Our private members-only Facebook group offers support, connection and advice.


You can access direct support at any time. Ellen (sobriety, nutritionist and behaviour change coach) is available to answer your questions when you need them. Reach out to her by email or message 

I have read the message!
I am ready to unlock the secrets

Simon and his sobriety coaching work have been featured in numerous publications, as well as on TV and radio.

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IMPORTANT - This programme is designed for people with a psychological dependance on alcohol. Some people have a physical addiction and should seek medical advice before ceasing alcohol consumption. This programme is not a substitute for medical advice and if you are in any way concerned about withdrawal symptoms or any other reaction to stopping drinking, please ensure you speak to your Doctor.

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